Beijing International Convention Center and Beijing Continental Grand Hotel are a well-known enterprise in Beijing. Opened in 1990, the convention center has served almost 1,000 different international and domestic conventions, exhibitions and meetings each year since its conception.

Beijing International Convention Center and Beijing Continental Grand Hotel belong to North Star Industrial Group. They are located in Asian Games Village, a flourishing area of Beijing which has a collection of conference centers, businesses, shopping centers and entertainment venues. Located on the North Fourth Ring road,20 kilometers from the International Capital airport and 9 kilometers from the city center. Very close to the Olympic Games central area, such as the Bird’s Nest.

Beijing International Conference Center is a 5 star tourist service unit with 48 different conference rooms. The exhibition hall is 5,000 square meters large. North Star Continental Grand Hotel is a 4 star hotel with 538 guest rooms and 5 different styles of restaurants. It’s an ideal place to conduct international and domestic conferences, display cultural exchange and hold business meetings.

Beijing – The Host City

From hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games to many other major sports competitions, China  - and Beijing in particular – has gradually build a fine reputation in the world´s sporting arena.

There could be no better place to host the first edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games than the capital of the People’s Republic of China. Besides being very well experienced in organising huge sporting events and being able to provide facilities that meet the highest standards, one of the assets is the popularity of mind sports in China. Minds sports are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The game of Go, for example, was invented in China more than 3000 years ago and is today played by millions of people.

Beijing is a gateway to both Chinese traditions and to China’s future. The capital city during the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing has long been the political, cultural, and diplomatic centre of China. It is now an international metropolis, home to 11 million people.

Alongside 7300 cultural and historic sites and more than 200 scenic spots – including the world’s largest palace, the Forbidden City, as well as the Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven – Beijing boasts an impressive modern skyline, a reflection of its rapid economic development. The recently expanded Beijing Capital International Airport is China’s largest and most modern airport.

In addition to the fascinating competitions of the 2011 SportAccord World Mind Games, there are various cultural and social activities organised along side. And despite the rather chilly winter weather, spectators have the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture that China has to offer to everybody on the spot.

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