After the final games in the qualifying round we know who will fight for the title. In the morning session Georgiev gave Dul Erdenebileg from Mongolia no chance with a combination: 12-0. With this result he is the big favorite to win this tournament. All other games proceeded to the rapid games. Misans beat Dutch hope Pim Meurs 9-3 and in a heavily contested game African champion Ndjofang managed to beat former world champion Guntis Valneris. The final blitz games were not important anymore for the final standings. Valneris and Boomstra will proceed to the finals from group A and Getmanski and Georgiev from group B. Wednesday Georgiev will play again Boomstra and Valneris against Getmanski.

In the women tournament there are only two rounds left with no clear view yet who may win. Nogovitcyna won in the morning round against Motrichka but world champion Tanssykkuzhina could not break through the defense of Chinese Alatenghua. However, in the rapid game the little Chinese had no chance: 9-3. A big surprise was Fedarovich beating Golubeva in the rapid game. Belarus Olga now leads Golubeva by 4 points and seems to have an easier program.

Harry Otten